Thursday, May 26, 2016

[xxAssistant] Ace Fishing v1.1.1 mod plugin (Android) (Tested 13 june 2014)

[xxAssistant] Ace Fishing v1.1.1 mod plugin (Android) (Tested 13 june 2014)For iOS Users:Add this Cydia source on Cydia
Install xxAssistant and follow the instrction here. Do the same as you did on your Android device. This instrction is for both iOS and Android
Versions:Ace Fishing: Wild ch v1.1.1Plugin Assistant v1.0.0
100% Tested and it works.
Ftures:1 hit any fishMaximize the gauge instant (note: i said instant not immediately you'll know what i mn)
Download links:xxAssistant v1.1.4 APK
sy Installation:1.Install .apkfile:2.Click Chinese button on home screen

3.Click on the fish icon and press on the 'Download' button, the button will say 'Installed'.

4.Go back and press the OPEN button on the right

5.Ace fishing will open, click on the grey chinese button, the button will be green

Credits:xxzhushou (chinese modder) (Translated to english)
Q & A:Q: Does it work on Bluestacks?A: No i don't think so becuase the chinese app is only optimized for ARM processors and not x86 processors. Bluestacks is Android x86. Many peoples reported the problems.
Q: Why does the chinese thing not showing on the screen?A: Make sure you allow ROOT access and make sure you hadn installed the assist plugin
Support me:If you support me, plse donate.

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