Thursday, May 26, 2016

[TUTORIAL] Unban your self from any game (IMEI/Android)

Unban your self from any game (IMEI/Android)Credit to: mich3lam
This method is the same a previous one that was opened here.
Follow this link to see the topic. The dude there forgot to mention few stuff and that's why it didn't work for some people.

Credits goes to mich3lamand mich3lamonly , it took me a while to figure everything out and get everything to work. Tried few apps , Titanium backup, Pandroid, ID Changer and a terminal commands, finally got it to work with XPrivacy and XPOSED.

mich3lam have tried this on few games, and it worked.

Games that this method worked on:
1. Knights & Dragons
2. Crime City
3. Jungle Ht
(If you try this method on other games and it works, plse post and I will add the game to the list.)

Follow exactly mich3lam's steps, do not do anything different, a small mistake can ld this not to work. ROOT is NEEDED.

Step 1:
Download XPrivacy and XPosed framework from the following links.
XPrivacy XPosed framework

Step 2:
Firstly we will install XPrivacy, after we've done that we will install XPosed framework.
After we install XPosed frame work we will open it and follow these steps:
Click Install/Update.

after that hit "OK".

Go to "Modules" and tick XPrivacy.

Go back to Framework and hit "Reboot".

Step 3:
After installing the framework and XPrivacy we are rdy to go.
Open XPrivacy and open it's settings.

Go to the bottom and hit "Randomize".

(I suggest capturing the screen with all this info, so you can get on back to your game same anytime if you accidentally change the info.)
now hit "OK".

Now look for the game you want to UNBAN, let's say it's Knights & Dragons. Once you find it on XPrivacy you tick it on the right side.

Now click it's icon to open it.
Once it's open click the left soft and click "Select accounts to allow".

and choose any GMAIL account you have there.

Once you've done all those steps, you can rejoin any game that banned your device! I will also make a guide on how to transfer a game from one device to another. (ANY GAME!!)

Good luck!

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