Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Kick The Boss 1 for iOS and Android

Savegame for iOS, iPod, iPhone, iPadWorks for non-jail devicesand jail devices.
Kick The Boss 1 running on my jail iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
Requirements:iFunbox for Win and MacAid for Win and MacWinrar for iZip for Mac OS X
ftures:157999 Coins17074 Gems- All Wpons Unlocked- All Boss Unlocked
1: Install the game2: Download the savegame3:Unlock the RAR file with :ktb125andExtract it, Use a file browser of your choice (iFile,Aid,iFunBox...) & put theDocuments folderin/var/Mobile/Appliions/Boss 24: Respring your iDevice... or turn off and on5: Run the game and ENJOY!!!

Note: You might want to backup your old "Documents" folder first in case you want to revert back to the old save game.
Kick The Boss 1 tutorial
(ARMv7 only)
I don't own an ARMv7 phone so i can't make the save for non-root devices.
Plse watch the tutorial... for ROOT!

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