Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Six Guns v1.0.9 unlimited coins & stars

Six Guns for iOS v1.0.8 and later (NO JAILBRK)This should work on v1.0.9

Required no jailbrk!!

over 1250000 coins
Level 48
2005 hlth points
3352 medals
All wpons unlocked upgraded
All horsesAll clothes

But you lose your own carrer progress

Note: You might want to backup your "Documents" folder first in case you want to revert back to the old save game.

if this doesn't work try this one:
Instructions:1: Download the file from above
2: Close the game even from multitask.
3: Delete all files in /var/mobile/Appliions/Six Guns/Documents
4: Extract the file and copy them with ifunbox or ifile into /var/mobile/Appliions/Six Guns/Documents
5: Respring or turn off and on your device
6: Launch the game & enjoy

If the game keeps on crashing try this:
you don't need to delete your saved games files on the "documents" folder,
just copy the downloaded files to your "documents" folder WITHOUTcopyingthese 2 files:

* Remember that you've alrdy closed the app on multitask

Special thanks for kriskus24 for this information

|------------- Six Guns v1.0.9 -------------|
Infinite AmmoNo Reload

Sorry no unlimited stars and coins….

Credit:King Kong

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