Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Tutorial] How to glitch App for Low-end Android Devices

How to glitch App for Low-end Android DevicesHello guys. I will show you how to get points without watching a and get points faster. Low-end doesn't support 720p and 1080p and some s cannot play and say 'Cannot play '. App doesn't know what 'Cannot play '. it think you have watched a so it gives you points without watching a .
Requirements:ARMv6/v7 processor600 MHzA phone doesn't support 720p and 1080p ( Wildfire S, Explorer, Galaxy Y and any low-end doesn't support 720p and 1080p)
You CANNOT glitch App with your High-end devices. If you still have low-end devices(s). Don't put it in trash, throw away or smash it. Use your old phone to rn points faster in App
Instructions:1. Install App in your low-end phone2. Start App3. Watch a and you should get an error 'Cannot play '4. Click OK5. TADAAAAAA!!! You got some points!6. Rept step 3 & 4, rept again, again and again…
7. Enjoy!

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