Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Pet Rescue Saga v1.3.7.1 Android - Unlimited Life, No ticket + Boosters

Pet Rescue Saga v1.3.7.1 Android - Unlimited Life, No ticket + Boosters
Google Play : Google Play

Name : Pet Rescue Saga
Version :
Root Needed: No
Unlimited Life
No ticket
Unlimited Booster (see below)

Credits : VaNaV
Instructions for the Pet Rescue APK:1.Make sure to sync your Pet Rescue's latest progress to your facebook account.
-if your unable to do this, I'm not responsible for loss of your game progress
2. Uninstall your current Pet Rescue app.
3. If you have the Facebook app, uninstall it for now (this process is important) but if you don't have the Facebook app proceed to step 4.
-Pre-installed FB app, go to phone settings/app find facebook, disable it
4. Download Pet Rescue Mod here: Zippyshare
5. Once downloaded, install the app and then open the app right away.
6. Once opened, you should see PLAY and CONNECT buttons, you need to tap the CONNECT button and then log in to your Facebook account.
7. You should be able to sync and play.
8. If you had uninstalled your Facebook app, you can install it again and enable it
9. Say thanks or give credits to me of course hehe or a feedback is much appreciated
10. Lastly, most important, Enjoy!


I can't install the modded PR
-uninstall your current PR app, and then install the modded PR
-if still can't install, redownload Modded PR, uninstall Current PR, restart Phone, Install Modded PR

I can't sync to Facebook
-uninstall your Facebook App, then open PR and then re-sync

Would my progress erased and need to start from level 1 if I will use your Modded PR?
-NO, if you followed the steps correctly

Pet Rescue Booster

Instructions for Booster:
You should have a wifi/data connection during the process!
1. Sync your PR latest progress to your Facebook account. Once done, close PR
2. Download APk here DOWNLOAD LINK & Install "PRbooster.apk" and open, wait for the "super user request" to appr, and then press grant
3. Once root access has been granted, press "Tap Me" BOOM! done
4. Close PR booster app and then open PR, you will see "Play" and "Connect" buttons, Press "Connect" to sync, once synced, Play and Enjoy

If you run out of boosters, just rept the process again.

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