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Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.7.2 maps, mods and for iOS

Minecraft Pocket Edition Maps & Mods for iOS
|--- #1 Minecraft PE v0.7.2 by Bubby212 ---|
Non jail device/jail

tons of minerals(includes diamonds, iron, etc)
tons of glowstone obsidian and quartz
Nether Rctor
diamond tools
tons of Nether Brick

1. Download Ifunbox
2. Delete Minecraft from multitask
3. Download the link
4. Navigate to User Appliions/Minecraft/Documents/Games/com.Mojang/Minecraft Worlds
5. Place in folder
|--- #2 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 by Jack ---|

"libstubhook" Package from bigboss repo


Speed (choosable)
Infinite Blocks
Item (collect a Block or mt or something to get 99)
Water is LavaBlock Harvester (watch the )
Partial Crtive (Flying and No Damage in Survival Mode)
No Night

1. Download the File
2. Put it on your iDevice
3. Click on it in iFile and choose 'Installer'
4. After installation go to your Preference App and customize the
5. Done

|-- #3 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 MOD by C0deH4ck3R --|
Jail Device



1: Navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/
2: Paste It Over There
3: If You Didnt Find MobileSubstrate You Must Download It From Cydia And If it's Downloaded And You Didn't Find It klick Dynamic Libraries Again.
|-- #4 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 MOD by C0deH4ck3R --|

Jailbroekn Device
libstubhook<--You Can Get It From BigBoss Repo

1: Explosive Arrows: When You Shoot An Arrow It Explodes Directly.
2: No Fog: Makes The Game Without Fog And Makes It Better On The Water.
3: Fly In Survival: You Can Fly In Survival
4: Night Vision: Makes All The Blocks Lights At The Dark Or Anywhere

DownloadAdd This Source on Cydia: And Download Only The Thats Above Because The Else Wont Work
|-- #5 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 MAPS by jonny998 --|-Works for 0.7.2-
Ifile or Ifunbox

New maps

Rangers Ballpark (Crtive)
Village Map (Crtive)
Hogwarts (Crtive)
Temple of Notch (Survival)

Fishbowl (Crtive)
Ferrodwyn Center (Survival)
Hijacked BO2 (Crtive)
Treehouse (Survival)
herdral (Crtive)

Lava Citadel (Crtive)
1. Download the file from above
2. Extract the file
3. Close the game in multitasking
4. Copy the files to /var/mobile/Appliions/Minecraft PE/Documents/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds
5. Change the file's ownership to mobile (if the map doesn't work)
6. Enjoy the maps
|-- #6 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 CITY MAP by jonny998 --|-Works for 0.7.2-
Ifile or Ifunbox

New city map


1. Download the file
2. Close the app in multitasking
3. Extract the file
4. Copy the files to/var/mobile/Appliions/Minecraft PE/Documents/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds
5. Change the ownership to mobile (If the doesn't work)
6. Enjoy the game
|- #7 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 by -|
Jail Devices

Everything you want

Add this source on

Download EmendoMC 5.0

For this you will need IMCPE Editor so you know how to get more items

When you finish installing the twk open it and select your world

You can edit your hlth too

Click on Invemtory which is loed in the right bottom

Click the + button and you will have to put game ID,amount, and Damage

To get a item's ID you can check IMCPE Editor, it will show you a item's ID

Then put the ID in EmendoMC and you will have it in your world!

To get spawn eggs follow here:

1) open up your inventory editor and select the world u want to edit
2) add an item or modify an item
3) set item ID to 383
4) Set item count to the amount of spawn egg u want
5) set damamge to 10, 11, 12, or 13
Damage 10 = chicken
Damage 11 = cow
Damage 12 = pig
Damage 13 = Sheep

|------ #8 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 by Ronny -----|
Jail device
MCPE (Found in the first Cydia source I give you)
Cydia with sources
A lot of mods are in these Cydia sources but I won't go through all of them. Here are some of my favorites:
Auto-Capitalization Fix (Second Cydia source)
Brief Description: Remember all those times getting frustrated because the sign would automatically switch over to capital letters after backspacing? Well, this mod is for you! This will fix the annoying auto-capitalization when you type on signs.

MCPEGrowRctor (Second Cydia source)
Brief Description: When you plant a sapling and it grows, this mod will make it into grow into a Nether Rctor! The pattern is alrdy built too so you can just activate it.

MCPE Night Vision (Second Cydia source)
Brief Description: This mod will allow you to see in the darkness as if you were in broad daylight! However, hostile mobs can still spawn in places not well-lit although you can see.

Disable Fog (First Cydia source)
Brief Description: Just what it says. However, as an added bonus, you can see clrly in water or lava.

Explosive Arrows (First Cydia source)
Brief Description: Just what it says. However, skeleton arrows have the same effect. C0deh4cker (the crtor of the first Cydia source) is working to fix this.

Fly in Survival (First Cydia source)
Brief Description: Just what it says. A lot of these mods have rlly eric titles. Anyway, this will only disable damage by falling and not everything else so the game won't feel TOO (In my opinion).

MCPE: Just copy the links I give you and paste it into the downloader and press "Download". After that, if you want to enable the mods, just choose whichever you want, and press "Apply ". If you want to disable them, just do the same thing.

Here are a couple of random mods (you need MCPE to use these):

Brief Description: The mod that ruined MCPE after "Rlms" got implemented. Griefers love this mod.
This mod has been banned, but I trust the members of this forum not to use this mod to grief. Anyway, this mod will allow you to craft things without the materials needed. For example, if I wanted to craft a Diamond Sword, I would need 2 Diamonds and a Stick. However, with this mod I don't need anything in my inventory and I can just press the craft button and voilà I get a Diamond Sword.
Here's the link:

Flint and Steel in Crtive
Brief Description: This mod will change the Iron Hoe to Flint and Steel and so it can till dirt and ignite TNT at the same time. This change is also applicable to Survival.
Here's the link:
Thanks for taking the time to rd through this. Have a grt day.
|----- #9 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 by Ronny -----|-Works for 0.7.2-
This is a map that I crted. A bit small compared to the other maps, but I hope you will enjoy it.

Minecraft Pocket Edition All Versions, but better with v0.7.0 and above as the graphics are better.
Computer with iFunBox (iFile will not work)

EDIT: iFile can work, but you must set all the ownerships of the .dat files and the map folder itself to mobile. (Thanks to Xch4ng3 for finding this out!)

Map ftures:
Lots of stuff in trsure chests
Mob Trap (Giant Stone Tower) (If you can't get some of the mob drops, just mine the stone in front of you and go forward a little)
Obsidian Hut (Just mine the Netherrack in front of the Obsidian Hut because they have been set on fire and will you)
Farm with Wht and Melon BlocksNether Spire in front of Obsidian Hut


1: Download the file.
2: Use iFunBox and put the file in the Minecraft "Documents"folder. (Plse do not use iFile because for some rson iFile will mess up your map and just spawn a random world.)
EDIT: iFile can work, but you must set all the ownerships of the .dat files and the map folder itself to mobile. (Thanks to Xch4ng3 for finding this out!)
3: Done!
|---- #10 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 TEXTURE PACKS ----|-Works for 0.7.2-
Ifile, Ifunbox ect.
You need to be JAIL!
A Will to want new textures!

~Texture Pack Awards~:
Best Cartoon Retextures:
~Mario Fusion~
Theme : RPG, Adventure.

Best Sword Retextures:
~Rise Of Tredonia~
Theme : RPG, Medieval.

Best Bow Retextures:
~Soartex Fanver~
Theme : Adventure, Freeroam.

Best Skin Retextures:
Theme : Guardian, RPG.

Best Block Retextures:
~Last Days~
Theme : Apocolypse, survival.

1: Download any textures above
2: Open the zipped file, take contents and put into var/mobile/appliions/minecraftpe/
(Yes, do click OVERWRITE.)
3: Enjoy!!!!!!

Contents go to their original owners, I am only credited for sharing these texture packs for
Minecraft PE and the tutorial.

"It's-a me, Mario!"- Mario
|--- #11 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 MAPS by ---|Groudon383, PAandW and cpr196.-Works for 0.7.2-
Ifile, ifunbox ect.
Be a Pokémon Fan!!!!!

Pallet Town and Viridian City!
Saffron City!
Fuchsia City!
Cinnabar Island/ Sfoam Islands!
1: Download any files above
2: open in any appliion (file, ifunbox ect.)
3: Extract, Put the folder into Var/Mobile/Appliions/EB37F2C6-1C1F-4058-BA23-20C698A069F7/Documents/Games/Com.Mojang/Minecraftworlds
4: Start Your Own Pokémon Adventure!!!

Credits go to Groudon383, PAandW and cpr196.

"Your very own Pokemon adventure is about to unfold." - Professor Oak.
|-- #12 Minecraft PE v0.7.1 MAPS by Scott6523 --|-Works for 0.7.2-
iFile, Ifunbox or any type of file browsing appliion
A will to have some fun in Minecraft PE.

Gun Mod (Shoot bullets) It's actually a -Red Dye-
Lava Mod (Place Lava) It's actually a -Painting-
Cow Spawn Mod (Place on ground) It's actually a -DARK Red Brick-
Chicken Spawn Mod (Place on ground) It's actually a -Green Dye-
Pig Spawn Mod (Place on ground) It's actually a -UN-COOKED Pork-
Sheep Spawn Mod (Place on ground) It's actually a -COOKED Pork-
Egg Throwing Mod (Click and HOLD) Its actually a -Silver Ingot-
Water Mod (Place Water) It's actually a -Bed-
Tons more!

Download: (It says gun mod, but is multi-.)
1: Download the file above.
2: Open the minecraft appliion on your chosen appliion (ifile, ifunbox ect.)
3: Extract the contents.
4: You will see a file that says Gun Mod v4.1 - Click it.
5: Copy and paste the 9 files from the Gun Mod v4.1 to
7: Open game, crte a New Game.
8: Enjoy your hardly rned awesome Mods!

I recommend to use crtive mode first. You need to crte a NEW GAME. At the top, I have said (ITEM)-Its actually _______. That mns look for the item that its actually is, and then when you equip it, it turns into the item described! I deserve credit for making this tutorial, and plse do enjoy your new awesome mc mods.

MineCraft Never Got So Fun!

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