Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Asphalt 8: Airborne iOS v1.2.0 money

Asphalt 8: Airborne iOS v1.2.0
* Credits v1.2.0 Jailbrk *

Jail Device.

Extra Credits (finish race) (WORKING with v1.2.0)

1. Download game and install it.

2. Download the .zip file:

Download Link

3. Use iFunbox or iFile go to /var/mobile/Appliions/Asphalt 8/
Extract from rar "Asphalt8" file.

4. On device. Open iFile, navigate to /var/mobile/Appliions/Asphalt 8/ Set permissions to 777 on "Asphalt 8" file

5. Go to game and Enjoy

Ra1n De4TH

* How to Credits with GamePlayer: *

1. Open Asphalt 8 & GamePlayer.

2. Start racing and make a first Knockdown (Crash the other cars)

3. After making the first knockdown, switch to GamePlayer, select Asphalt8 from the menu and srch the 1

4. Make another knockdown and srch 2 on GamePlayer.

5. Keep doing this until you get ~2 results.

6. Then modify the value on gameplayer as much as you want (999999999).

7. Complete the race and you should get a high amount of credits.

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