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[] Order & Chaos© Online v2.2.0 trainer for iOS (update 2 oct. 2013)

Order & Chaos© Online v2.2.0 trainer for iOS (update 2 oct. 2013)

libnet: TheWorm repo:
libpcap: Switch on or Developer to get this in Cydia.
Quasar: Cydia (optional)
SBSettings: Cydia (optional)

This is not a simple to install as it uses a combination of network monitoring and memory srching to work. Try it for awhile before posting here that it doesn't work!

I accept no responsibility if you get banned for abusing this where people can report you.

Teleport anywhere on the same continent or dungeon. You can't jump between continents
Note: I have disabled the when you are in arena and also disabled the joystick that allows you to move underground to keep this as fair as possible.

Install instructions:
1. Make sure libpcap and libnet are installed
2. Download the file. CLICK HERE! Note: It is 98MB in size .... you have been warned.
3a. Use iFile: copy to your device and click on .deb and select installer then respiring; or
3b. Use Cydia: put the file under directory /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/ and respiring/reboot.
Connect instructions:
1. Load your game and load the trainer
2. Select your character and wait for it to load
3. Switch to the trainer and click on the "Connect to O&C" button to connect to the game and if successful the screen will look like this:

Position Calibrate instructions:
1. Select "Calibrate" from the main menu.
2. Click on the "Find Server IP" button and wait for it to finish
3. Now make sure you do not move your toon.
4. Click on the "Find Player Position" button and do one of the following: log out and log in again; or cast a spell at a target; or put a poison on your wpon. Note: Gameloft sometimes change which spells continue position data so play around and find something that works for you.
5. Once it displays your coordinates, click on the "Srch Memory" button. It should look like this:

Player Calibrate instructions:
1. Select the helmet button on the bottom right of the calibrate screen.
2. Select one of the six toon buttons on the right of the screen.
3. Enter a name (doesn't have to be your toon's name) to save this data.
4. Enter your toon's current level, maximum experience for that level, current hlth, current mana, vigour or morale.
5. You can now save this information for later reuse by click on the "Save" button.
6. Click the "Srch" button. Note: this can take awhile and if you didn't enter the information currently it will fail to find your player. Also, if you don't have enough free memory there is a chance that IOS will hibernate O&C and you will have to start again.
7. If successful then the screen will look like this:

Speed instructions:
1. Select "Set Speed" from the main menu.
2. Enter your speed. Note: There are two speed settings, one is the base speed and the other is a modifier.
3. Click the "Lock Speed" button to have the trainer continuously reset your speed. This is handy if something in the game reduces your speed, for example a slow condition.

Teleport instructions:
1. Select "World Teleport" from the main menu. Note: This will only show the maps that you can teleport to from your current loion.
2. You can pinch, zoom, scroll.
3. The Purple pin is your position
4. The Orange pins are preset positions, usually teleport loions
5. The Red pins are player crted.
6. Click a position to save a new pin, from where you can either move it, delete it, or teleport to it. Note: saving a new position directly from the map will try to place you underground as I don't know what the actual height is. Moving from that position will pop you above ground.

Position instructions:
1. Select "Set Position" from the main menu.
2. Enter the X, Y and Z position and select the "Teleport" button to go there.
3. If you select the "Teleport Map Save" button then it will save your current position to the teleport map.

Known issues:
Missing enter/done button on iPhone pad entry. Has been fixed but not uploaded yet.
Doesn't work on 3G networks (or so I am told).
I am told that Position Calibrate doesn't work if you are in a party.
Uses a lot of memory so remove those memory intensive twks and wallpapers.
Has a memory so you might have to quit it if you move between menus or teleport often. I suggest you use SBSettings to monitor your memory usage. I will eventually track this down but I don't play the game that often and have lost some interest in developing this.

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