Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Bike Race for iOS & Android

Bike race (All versions, including 2.5) (NO jailbrk)LATEST GAME SOFTWARE WILL NOT ALLOW NON JAIL USERS TO GET THE ULTRA BIKE (if your jail, use iapfree to get the Ultra Bike).

99999999 retries online
All achievements unlocked (Thanks to duncanrebilas !)
10,000 daily user crted levels
All bikes unlocked (except the Ultra bike)
All levels unlocked and all stars possible

What you need
File manager, Bike Race

1. Go to var/mobile/appliions/BikeRace/Documents
2. Click: HEREto download the
3. Decompress the file by double clicking it, or using the "unzip" tool on ifile. You should get a folder with three files in it.
4. Paste the files into the documents section of Bike Race.
5. It should prompt you to replace the files, click yes.
6. delete bike race from backgrounding by double tapping the home button on your iphone.
Note**: If you are confused by the decompressing and unzipping stuff, simply download This and paste it into the documents section (only difference is you wont have the 10000 free levels or all achievements)

If you would like to have a custom , here is what you can do:

99999999 retries online
All bikes unlocked except the ultra and zombie
All levels unlocked and all stars possible
Simply download anda replace This

All achievements (which also gives you all the bikes unlocked by achievements)
Download Thisand then ONLY paste the "Achievements.plist" file into your game.
Thank you, duncanrebilas!

10,0000 daily user crted levels
Download Thisand ONLY paste the "multiplayerConfig.plist" file.

Or you can mix any of the above.

OR, if your rlly crtive, edit the "nometres.plist" file that i gave you and you can customize all the times you got on the levels and which levels you have what stars, etc.|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Bike Race v2.6 ultra bike for Android (ROOT needed)Playstore Link: Bike Race (Playstore)
This should work on free version and on pro version
eral:Name of Game: Bike Race
Version: 2.6
Root Needed?:YES

All bikes unlocked and ULTRA BIKE UNLOCKED!!!
Requirements:A ROOT file explorer
Instructions: tutorial:

1. md031.dat file download from: Copy this file md031.dat to: data/data/com.topfreegames.bikeraceproworld/file
3. Name of file must be: md031.dat

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