Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Indestructible V3.0-3.0.1 (WORKING, NO JB)

[] Indestructible V3.0-3.0.1 (WORKING, NO JB)

Every Single Item in the game is free~AND influence point unlocked

On Your iDevice:
1) Open game.
2) Let it load until the opening screen fades out (after it's loaded). Make sure you are connected to internet!
3) Exit game and close from multitask.

On your File Browser:
1) Connect to the device.
2) Download this.
3) Navigate to /Appliions/indesttm/Library/UnityCache/Shared/
4) Look for the folder with the file: "CustomAssetBundle-Shop"
5) Overwrite that file with the one you downloaded.

On Your iDevice:
1) Turn OFF Wi-Fi/3G/4G LTE and open the game.
2) You're good to go.
3) P.S. You can turn on wifi after loading this ...but make sure it's not erased in the multitask bar!
What to do if your suddenly stops working:
1) Navigate to indesttm/Library/ and delete 'UnityCache'
2) ReLaunch the game with wifi
3) Exit and delete from multitask
4) Turn off wifi
5) Rept steps 3-5 in the
6) should work.
Working now!

Credits to dima332 for posting his/her , but they didn't work...yh.
Extras: not working? always 0? Here is the ultimate !,4454,4902

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