Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff (iOS) (All versions) (No jailbrk)

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff (iOS) (All versions) (No jailbrk) APK INFO:NAME OF THE GAME:Injustice: Gods Among UsVERSION:1.8.2
NAME OF :Unlimited MoneyUnlimited Clams
Requirements:File explorer installed on your computer to transfer files to your iDevice (iFunbox, aid or iExplorer)Winrar (to extract files)
Download links:
1st Account by ???:
Download Link

2nd Account by ???:
Download Link

3rd Account by MagiciOS:
Download Link
4th Account by dbonilla82:Download Link
Note: More peoples can play on the same accounts via internet. If you get connection error then try another accounts
Don’t ask me to your savedata because my device is not jail!
INSTRUCTIONS1.Download the file2. Right click on the downloaded file and click ‘extract’ to extract the files using Winrar3. Open any file explorer and place all files on User appliions -> Family Guy -> Library -> Preferences4.Open the game and enjoy
Credits:#1: ???#2: ???#3: MagiciOS#4: dbonilla82

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