Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Guardian Cross iOS v2.5.0 ultimate (Jailbrk)

Guardian Cross iOS v2.5.0 ultimate (Jailbrk)(iAndro's and ianouar3g's )Thanks to bakalao, some thai forum, Moopsiekin & xXtidusFRXx for the FLEX 2 tutorial.
ftures:ianouar3g's (16 )This will give you more (+16) .01 ☞ Monsters freeze02 ☞ 1 Hit KO03 ☞ No Reload ammo04 ☞ is Brk05 ☞ Get Bonus06 ☞ Ability revival07 ☞ Combining Cost -108 ☞ combine Exp 9999 to 1500009 ☞ get 10 sec (active).10 ☞ Get Double Bonus11 ☞ Power Up12 ☞ Counter Attack13 ☞ Max card 25014 ☞ Get Exp 1500015 ☞ Skip Battle16 ☞ No Mirage
iAndro's (22 )1. Monsters freeze2. 1 Hit KO (Not sure)3. No Reload ammo (Not work, fixing)4. is Brk5. Get Bonus6. Ability revival7. Combining Cost -18. combine Exp 100009. get 10 sec (active).10. Get Double Bonus11. Power Up12. Counter Attack13. Max card 999914. Get Exp 16800 (Max)15. Skip Battle16. No Mirage17. isSleep: (TURE)18. Next Exp: (9999)19. mainMapActWithBP: (TURE) and int: (0) (BP keeps always the same)20. dungeonActWithBP: (TRUE) and int (0)21. Level Up (9999)22. tenseicost (-1)
Requirements:JailbrkCydiaMobileSubstrateFLEX (< iOS 6.x.x)FLEX 2 (iOS 7.x.x >)

How to install iAndro's (FLEX 2):Open FLEX or FLEX 2Tap on the 'CLOUD' iconSelect 'Uploads on Server 'Scroll down till you see 'Guadian Cross v2.50 Ultimate by iAndro'Click on the Cloud with arrow down icon to download the

Go back to menu and activate 'Guadian Cross v2.50 Ultimate by iAndro'
Open the game and enjoy!

How to install ianouar3g's (Cydia twk):Open CydiaAdd Cydia Source
Install "Guardian Cross v2.5.0 "Reboot your deviceGo to settings and enable the Start the game and enjoy!
Credits:iAndro (FLEX 2 twk)ianouar3g(MobileSubstrate hook, Cydia twk)bakalao, some thai forum, Moopsiekin & xXtidusFRXx (FLEX 2 tutorials)

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