Thursday, May 26, 2016

Disqus hrtbleed bug

To the people who are registered, logged in and posted a comment on my website. Plse rd!HrtbleedBlog byDavid Zabowski from Disqus blog10 Apr 2014Security is a top priority at Disqus. The recently publicized SSL encryption vulnerability known as Hrtbleed is not a matter that we take lightly. When Hrtbleed was announced, our tm immediately took action to correct the problem and protect your data. As a result, Disqus is no longer affected by the Hrtbleed bug.To further protect yourself, we recommend that you reset your Disqus immediately.
To do so, plse use our reset form.
For further information about the Hrtbleed problem, go to Hrtbleed.
If you have any questions about how we protect your data at Disqus, plse don’t hesitate to visit the Disqus Support page.
If your had logged in with your Google+, Twitter or Facebook on Disqus commenting system. Plsereset your immediately!

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