Thursday, May 26, 2016

[DIY] How to Install Dd Trigger 2 v0.2.1 on iOS 5+

[DIY] How to Install Dd Trigger 2 v0.2.1 on iOS 5+DIY = Do it yourself
Dd Trigger IPA
WinRar, 7zip...
Text editing software (Notepad++ or Notepad )

Play Dd Trigger on iOS 5 and above!

Note: Before continuing with the tutorial, there is a pre-modified version of Dd Trigger 2 on the 25pp app that works on iOS 6+.

1. Download the Dd Trigger 2 0.2.1.ipa from iTunes.
2. Open the .ipa with WinRar and go to: Dd Trigger 2 0.2.1.ipa\Payload\ and extract the Info.plist to your Desktop.

3. Open the Info.plist file with Notepad.
4. Modify the following:

5. Save the Modifiions.
6. Send the Modified Info.plist back to the Dd Trigger 2.ipa and Replace it with the original file.
7. Install the .IPA with iFunbox or iPhone Configuration Utility if you're not Jail.

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