Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Diamond Dash Android Mods

Diamond Dash Android ModsName of Game: Diamond Dash
Version: 221012
Root Needed?: No

Version 1 - Updated 10/15/2013

Level up faster
Lots of silver coins upon level completion
Score Bonus
5,000 Coins per level completion
Diamond youll see
Fire multiplier last longer
Diamond bonus progress stays maxxed
Small Timer Modded
Gold , when you level up you'll receive 60 gold, if you wait to spend them they will disappr, "working on fix"

1. Download Modded APK: HERE2. Open Titanium Backup and Backup Diamond Dash
3. Uninstall market/previous version
4. Install this modded apk
5. Restore DATA ONLY in Titanium Backup
6. Load it up!


Playstore Link: HERE

Want a new High Score on facebook Download this verison!

↑ Same as above ↑

Version 2 - Updated 10/16/2013
Includes all the above mods
Bomb Booster Multiplier is insane!
Color Splash Colors 95% of all jems

Download Link - Facebook High Score Mods HERE

*Note* I Believe there is a Max Score Cap of 16,777,215 when synced to facebook.

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