Thursday, May 26, 2016

[xxAssistant] Clash of Clans iOS 6.108.5 (Jailbrk)

[xxAssistant] Clash of Clans iOS 6.108.5 (Jailbrk)
iFile/iFunboxCydia Substrate
Jail device

First one is loot srchSecond is sandbox attackThird is keep alive but i dont know is it works.
sy Installation:1.Add the source on cydia:
2.Install '叉叉助手' (xxAssistant) from Cydia
3. Click Chinese button on home screen.
4.Click on the clash's icon and press on the orange chinese button, the button will be green.

5.Return on the homepage of the app and press the orange botton on the right( the chinese four letter on the right of the bottom)
6.Clash will open, click on the high part of the black bottom on the right and select how much gold you would. (100.000 gold is recomended)
N.B. Important: For sanbox attack!To active sanbox, turn off srch loot.sanbox attack is below the srch loot optionsanbox attack simulate an attack to the village when you visit it, after the attack is end the app will crash because is a simulate and no a rl attack!
xxzhushou (for the )
FAKE iandro (for the s)

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