Thursday, May 26, 2016

[xxAssistant] Boom Bch 16.46 xxAssistant plugin (ROOT) (100% english)

Name of App: Boom Bch
Game Version: 16.46
Plugin Version: 1.0.3
Update time: 8 july 2014
Root Needed?: YES, because xxAssistant works only for rooted devices.

Name of :
1. Simulate ATK:
When you use sandbox attack, make sure srch loot is turned OFF. When you use srch loot, make sure you click the button to the upper right to SAVE your amount. If it saved, you should see it when you click the back button.

2. Keep Alive:
The "keep active" is working that's how you need to do: "set to nerver the time after your screen will turn off and let clash of clans opened with your internet connetion too and you will not be attacked". BUT Supercell have a countermsure, after your playing like 6-12hr in a row you'll be kicked out for 8hr to take a brk from the game. SO u can reduce the amount of Attacks only, the day have 24hr if u get attacked and attacker rn 1 star u'll gain a shield of 12 hour, when the shield expire you can use "keep active" so the 2nd attack against u will not be done.

Download Link:xxHDQB.apk
DO NOT install the APK. The APK is the mod plugin for xxAssistant!
Manual Step:
1.Download xxAssistant v1.1.5 english (8 july 2014) from HERE!

If you alrdy have xxAssistant english installed. Plse update xxAssistant to the latest version (8 july 2014) for better english.

2. Open xxAssistant app on app drawer

3. Click on the Boom Bch icon and press on the 'Install mod' button, the button will say 'Mod Installed'.

4. Close the xxAssistant and download the translated APK file xxHDQB.apk (DO NOT install the APK. The APK is the mod plugin for xxAssistant!)

5. Open the File Explorer app that can access ROOT memory. I'm using X-plore.

6. Navigate to [ROOT] /data/data/com.xxassistant/app_plugin/107/

7. Now close the file explorer app

8. Open xxAssistant and click on "Installed | Start game" button

9. Clash will open, click on 'Mod' -> 'Settings' on the right and set the functions you want.

10. Enjoy!

N.B. Important: For sanbox attack!
To active sanbox, turn off srch loot.
sanbox attack is below the srch loot option
sanbox attack simulate an attack to the village when you visit it, after the attack is end the app will crash because is a simulate and no a rl attack!

Credit to:
xxhushou (the crtor of the app and the plugins)
Evildog1 aka iAndroDK (English translation on plugins)

Playstore Link:Link

Support me:If you support me, plse donate.

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