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Why Clash Of Clans is almost impossible to ?

Why Clash Of Clans is almost impossible to ?
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---------- Mid-Kid said ----------(Since this post may be a handy reference to future people who don't understand how sync errors are made, it's pretty long)

Let me explain to you how sync errors are made:
In this example, we start with 5 gold, and modify that value to 10 on the client side.
The client is your phone.
The server is a random machine somewhere on the internet.

Client (Gold: 5) -- Server (Gold: 5)
Client (I have 5 gold!) -> Server
Client <- (You're right, you have 5 gold!) Server
*Modifies client gold value*
Client (Gold: 10) -- Server (Gold: 5)
Client (I have 10 gold!) -> Server
Client <- (Error: It's not possible for you to suddently have 10 gold!) Server
Client (Error: Sync Error)

It's only possible to modify the amount of gold by telling the server how you got it, how many time it took, etc.
The server will check if Every. Single. Little detail is right, and then update your gold status accordingly.

Client (Gold: 5) -- Server (Gold: 5)
Client (I just got gold from a gold mine! The amount is 5!) -> Server
Client <- (You're right, you just got 5 gold from a gold mine. I emptied the gold mine, and changed the amount of gold to 10!) Server
Client (Gold: 10) -- Server (Gold: 10)

If the client tells the server it got 10 gold from the mine, while there's only 5 gold in the mine, Sync Error happens.
This same explaination is applicable to every other value that may be sent to the server. Troops, gems, levels, etc.

The thing is: No, you can't change anything on the server by causing sync errors, and I don't know how you would go about to cause sync errors to others.

NOTE: I don't know how accurate this is, since I don't know exactly how it's implemented in clash of clans. I think it's somewhere along these lines.

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