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[TOOL] GameGem v0.3 (2014) (Jailbrk)

[TOOL] GameGem v0.3 (2014) (Jailbrk)
New tool like GamePlayer!

Here is the main screen of GameGem:

App Select:select the targeted appliion running on your device.
Mode:change srch mode between Accurate and Fuzzy.
Srch Data:when you are in the accurate mode, you can put data here and srch directly. (when you are in the fuzzy srch model, there are compare type buttons which I will show you later.)
Srch:start the srch.
Message:srch results and other messages will display here.
View Result:view and edit the view result.
Other:tap “Exit” button to exit GameGem. “Locking” is used to view the locked data list. “Reset” is used to reset the srch.

version change log:
Fix crash on iOS 5.x
Fix accurate bug in v0.2. e.g.: subway surf
Fix problem when srch big value such as 1000000000. (Thanks to Dat) (me asking him to fix it :D)
Add tap icon or name in srch view to return to game directly.
Remove root require. Now GameGem run as mobile user.
Move cache files to “/var/mobile/Media/com.GameGem.cache/”
tips: Online game will check the game data, so GameGem is not very helpful.

v0.2 (pending relse)
Fix crash on iOS 7.0.6.
Add multi-data srch support: srch multi-data in one srch by separating the values with “,”.

First relse.




Tool Ftures:
Support iPhone and iPad with iOS 5 to iOS 7.
Support mode: accurate, fuzzy, accurate x fuzzy.
Support data type: word, DWord, Float
Support data locking and batch modify.

1. Open cydia.
2. Srch GameGem and you will find it in BigBoss repo.

.deb file download link (original):

3. install it.

Let’s take FinalFantasy 5 for example.

1. In the game, find the data you want to change. Here I want to change the s of “Potion”. Remember the current one is “42″

2. Open GameGem, tap “App Select” button and select FinalFantasy 5.

3. Srch the data “42″ which we want to change.

4. Wait a few seconds and we can see here are 4151 results. It’s hard to confirm which result is the one we want.

5. So go back to the game and make some changes on the “Potion”. Here I used one potion, it has been changed to “41″. (Do not exit the GameGem when you do this step).

6. Back to GameGem and srch “41″. Now we get 7 results so we can modify now.

7. Tap the “View Result” button. Check all the results and click “Modify”.

8. Input the final data you want to change to, and click “Modify”. You will see a toast when the GameGem finish the change.

9. Now back to the game, and re-enter the scene. The data should be changed.

OK , that’s all. Remember the main steps:

select app ->srch data ->go back to game and make data change ->srch data ->… ->modify ->finish.

Fuzzy srch is a little different, the main screen :

There are four buttons for compare control here:

== : New value is equal to old value.
!= : New value is not equal to old value.
> : New value is bigger than old value.
< : New value is smaller than old value.

1. Select your targeted appliion.

2. Tap srch button directly.

3. Return to game and make data change(maybe you can not see the data on the screen).

4. Select a compare type and srch again.

5. Continue step 3 and step 4 until you can view result or you get a few results.

6. Then modify or Lock.

Plse rd the accurate srch part(^~^).

Locking the srch results can make the data never change during the game.

Once you finish your srching, you can select some results and lock them to a specified value and it will not change during your game.

If you want to delete or stop the locking, just tap the “Locking” button in the main screen ,go to the locking list, as shown below:

Look at the lock button , you can lock or unlock the group by tap it. On the right side , there is a delete button, you can use it to delete the group.

Does it works for clash of clans or other online games?

aidoo says:
That’s an online game. Data is saved on the game server, it can not be changed.

1/ What is the difference between your App with GamePlayer App ?

2/ Is your “GameGem” App more Safer than “GamePlayer” ?

aidoo says:
Not so much difference. GameGem do not need run a dmon when it’s not running. When you use GameGem, you do not need care about data type you srch, also there’s no time limitation when you use batch-modify or locking.
I think both GameGem and GamePlayer are safe, because they don’t make any change to your device.

Can it do multiple srch in 1 time?

aidoo says:
Yes on v0.2.
Add multi-data srch: srch multi data in one srch by separating the data with “,”. e.g. : “123,54,100″

It wont show my game in the app?

aidoo says:
You have to run it (game) then open GameGem.

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