Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summoners War: Sky Arena DISCUSSION/IDS

Summoners War: Sky Arena[ DISCUSSION/IDS]
I thought it might be a good id for a thrd to be crted in the eral Discussion section for things related to ing/glitching/ the Summoners War game, considering their isn't any *public* or s available for the game, it may be good if the community puts their hds together to try and think of some kind of solution or workaround.
Now I know most of the games data is server side, so editing things like Crystal/Gems/EXP/etc is out of the question, but what about the free shopping ? Surely there could be a way to set the amount to 0?
I added the MOST WANTED mods here so everyone know that those mod are possible to but i can't find it on the internet.
If you found any chinese mods or . Plse tell me or give me the link!

*** SW MOST WANTED mods ***

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