Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Spotify (Premium Fuction) (ONLY-JB)

SpotiuM - Premium fuctions for free users on iPhone and iPad


This is for eduional purposes only. All rights goes to Spotify
If you support Spotify. PLSE BUY IT!!!
Unlimited Skips
Allows us to skip an unlimited of tracks;

Can Seek
It allows us to go through the slider forward or backward in a song;

Available in All Countries
It allows users to SpotiuM that are loed in countries where Spotify is not usable anyway to take advantage of the service without having to perform more complied methods;

No Shuffle Playing
It allows you to play any song thus bypassing the limitation of only shuffle permitted;

Can Restart Song
Allows you to use the button to return to the beginning song, which normally would not be possible;

and MORE in future!!!

1. Add Repo: install directly deb file, you should add the twk from the repo, to avoid losing updates)
2. Srch & Install: Spotium
3. Respring
4. Go to Settings on your device (NOT eral settings) ---> SpotiuM (activate the functions)

Made by Mr.N0b0dy only for biteyour

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