Thursday, May 26, 2016

[REMOVED ] Candy Crush Saga v1.19.0 APK MOD for Android (NO root)

Candy Crush for Android is Removed.
Why? The android modder no longer Candy Crush Saga?
Forum Announcement: About Candy Crush Saga
Hello everyone! Due to the crtor of most of the CCS Mods that are linked on this forum got a DMCA takedown notice, we had to politely follow the modder's request to remove the mods from public.

If you do not like our decision to follow the modder's request to take down the content, ask them why they wanted it taken down.

We here at respect the Modder's request any time they ask us not to host their content. (Given they prove it is them asking to take it down).

Any requests from now on about CCS, or other games made by King (the developer) will be removed and proper warning points (temp or permanent ban, depending on infraction(s)) will be given.-----------------------------------------------------
Also I don't want any copyright issue here so that's why I removed CCS .

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