Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Perfect Kick iOS v1.0.8 (Jailbrk)

[] Perfect Kick iOS v1.0.8 (Jailbrk)Requirements:
Jailbrk (You don't say?! )

Goal *

*Even if the opponent make goals, the game won't count them. Use this to always win (well, if you don't suck at playing this game), to gain medals/coins and to level up!

sy Installation:Open CydiaAdd my Cydia Source
Install "Perfect Kick 1.0.8 "Reboot your deviceGo to settings and enable the Start the game and enjoy!
.deb File Installation:
1. Download the file from the link below.
2. Transfer it in your device, open iFile, go in the loion you put the file, open it and tap the 'Installer' option.
3. If the installation result is "0" all is fine.
4. Reboot the device.
5. Open Settings/Preference app, scroll until you see "Perfect Kick " cell, tap it and enable/disable your .
6. Have fun!

I'm still working to add more ftures.
It is an online game, so plse don't abuse of it.

Simply guide to bypass ban:
howin citeful -

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