Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Overkill 2 iOS (All Versions) -JB & NON-

[] Overkill 2 iOS (All Versions) -JB & NON-Requirements:iFunbox, iTools, aid or IExplorerA computeriTunesWinrarGamePlayer/iGameGuardian or GameGem. (FOR THE JAILBRK METHOD)
Ftures:Unlimited Dollars.Unlimited Medals.
Non-jailbrk method:1. Connect the iDevice to the PC2. Open iFunBox/iTools3. Click on the icon of the game4. Click on "Manage Files"5. Now,make a back-up of those folders "Documents & Library".6. Download iSpongebob10's --><--7. Replace the older folders with the mine8. Save & Close;9. Open the game,and poof,you have Unlimited Dollars/Medals.
Jailbrk method:1. Open "Overkill 2";2. Open GamePlayer/iGameGuardian or GameGem;3. Now,start "Overkill 2";4. Look your Dollars/Medals(ex:5000/5);5. Scan 5000/5 on GamePlayer/iGameGuardian or GameGem;6. Now,spend or rn some Dollars/Medals (ex:5000-1000=4000/5-1=4);7. Turn back to GamePlayer/iGameGuardian or GameGem and scan 4000/4,if there are more of two address,rescan;8. Tap on the only two address,tap on "Modify & Store" and modify it to "999999999";9. Spend some Dollars/Medals and poof,you have Unlimited Dollars/Medals.
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