Thursday, May 26, 2016

My iPad 2 gets stuck at the logo again!

Hello. I was compiling 8 ball pool to the deb file and install the . i opened 8 ball pool and it crashes. ohhh it doesn't work. when i open ifile to see if the file ia inatalled correctly, ifile just froze and it froze my whole ipad. i had to hold power button+ home button and then it gets stuck at the logo. PLSE HELP ME. I DON'T WANT TO LOSE JAILBRK. IOS 7.1 IS THE END OF JAILBRK!!! PLSE TELL ME HOW TO RECOVER IPAD OR BOOT INTO SAFE MODE! HELP ME PLSE???? if not possible to recover my iPad. I WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO IOS GAMES AND I NO LONGWR MAKE FLEX 2 TWKS AND I CANNOT MAKE TUTORIALS FOR YOU. i feel very sad for that... this cannot be happen. this is 3RD time... the end of jailbrk for me. i have to wait around 1 yr for iOS 7.1 jailbrk....... if nobody helps me then i move to ANDROID... :(

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