Thursday, May 26, 2016

Modern Combat Sandstorm Hvga armv6 HD

MC SS - Apk+ datafiles - hd - hvga - armv6 - FPS
Modern Combat Sandstorm is a first person shooter game for the Android mobile . It was published by the best mobile phone game publisher Gameloft. Modern Combat Sandstorm game will remind you PC gameslike Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. As a player, you will
be a warrant r who has just returned to war in the Middle st after recovering from severe injuries. You can play this game both of in your QVGA or HVGA devices.
There will be a training at the first time to check your skills. After the training run you will be given a small pack of soldier consisting Dozer, Fox & the captain. Your mission is to kill all the terrorist in your path, blow the radio towers, take the control of a palace, arrest the terrorist warlord named Abu Baha etc.
How To InstallDownload & Extract the file containing Modern Combat Sandstorm QVGA & HGVA .apk.
Copy the Modern Combat Sandstorm .apk to sd card & install.
Then copy the sd files: ‘sandstorm’ folder in your:

Play Modern Combat Sandstorm
Game RequirementsArmv6
hvga, qvga, HD
android os: 2.2 and up
no root require
Ram: 512mb
processor: 600 mhz
Game Screen ShotsGame Downloads Download Modern Combat Sand Storm

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