Thursday, May 26, 2016

[MOD] Perk - Get rewards when you watch entertaining (iOS) (Jailbrk)

[MOD] Perk - Get rewards when you watch entertaining (iOS) (Jailbrk)Credits:DiDA
Perk app (available only in the US AppStore but you can download it from here)
VPN One Click/Onavoor any other US VPN. I recommended TunnelBr VPN

rn points even faster and use them to redeem Gift Cards!

1. Crte a new account for Perk using this link: This is the link. Click me!It is very important for you to use this link otherwise it will not work.
Yh, that was a lie but you'd help me out a lot if you do so.

2. Click the "Sign Up" button on their webpage and register using your email or Facebook. (You might need to validate your email afterwards)

3. If it wants to download their browser then just cancel it or you can try it out but that's not what this is about.

4. Download Perk appand install it on your device through the AppStore or from here.

5. Open the Perk app on your SpringBoard and log in using the account you crted on the link above. If it asks for a referer , insert this: bc36aeee

6. After logging in, close the app from multitask and download FastForward and it's dependency AppList.

Download Link

Click the button below.

Note: You can also download them from the BigBoss repo.

7. Respring after installing.

Note:AppList caused some issues on DiDA's 4s like getting stuck on the Boot Logo. If that happens to you, boot into Safe Mode and remove AppList. Reboot back into normal mode and install FastForward but don't respring and use the twk.

8. Open FastForward from your SpringBoard and turn it on for the Perk app or just turn it on for all apps if you do not see Perk on the list.

8. Then go to the "Settings" tab and select your Playback rate. Set the playback rate depending on your internet connection. If you set the playback rate too much then the will just keep freezing if you have a slow internet. If you have a fast internet then you can set the playback speed to anything you want.

NOTE:If you do not live in the US then you need to use a VPN otherwise you will not win any points. Use VPN One Click from the "Requirements" above.

10. Close FastForward and open the Perk app.

11. Click the "Watch & rn" button on one of the and you're done.

When you play the s, they will play at lst 6 times the speed and they will automatically cycle through all the s and then start over. The amount of time you lve it running, will determine how much money you make. You get 4 points for every 2 s you watch. You can also use Background Manager and Insomnia to lve the app running even when the screen is locked.
Credits: DiDA

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