Thursday, May 26, 2016

[MOD] Deemo v1.4.1 Android Mod (Full unlock all songs)

Deemo v1.4.1 Android Mod (Full unlock all songs)

Name of :
Full Unlock All Songs

Download:v1.4.1 Apk
v1.4.1 Obb File part 1
v1.4.1 Obb File part 2
Instructions:Computer needed!
0. Backup your savedata using Titanium Backup ot Helium Backup1.Uninstall previous / market version2.Download APK and Obb3.Connect your device to your computer4.Place APK file on your device anywhere on internal memory or Sdcard5.On your device. Open file explorer app, find the APK file and Install APK on your device.6.On your computer. Put all downloaded obb parts into one folder & extract using WinRar, the parts will automatically merge together7.Copy OBB data file to [sdcard]/android/obb/8.Play the game

If you have problem extracting the zip file, try the following:
Check whether file size is correct - should be approx 93M
Use PC to download and copy to phone instd, extracting on phone normally have more issue. (use win-rar or 7-zip, google srch them)
if cannot use PC and only phone, try this app ZArchiverinstd
Playstore Link:
Google Playstore

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