Thursday, May 26, 2016

[MOD] Ace Fishing Android v1.1.5 (1 fish hit KO) (NO root)

Name of Game: Ace Fishing
Version: 1.1.5
Root Needed?: YES/NO

ftures:1: 1 hit damage Mod
Manual Step:
1. Before you uninstall. You MUST register and login with your account in-game first, otherwise you lose your savedata!
2. Download the mod
3. Open the 7z file and type the "modded by madman"
4. Extract the APK file
5. Install it on Your device
6. Open the game, login with your account and done

Q&A (Written by madman)
- Why don't you put an unlimited gold and cash?
+ Because these gold and cash also stored on Com2uS server. If both local and server didn't match, game will use the value from server.
- Why don't you put an unlimited energy?
+ Because these energy (remaining and upper limit) also stored on Com2uS server. If both local and server didn't match, game will restart and even worst, your account/device will be banned.
- Rlly? I found some tools out there offering unlimited gold, cash, and energy!
+ If you find one that ACTUALLY WORKING FOR YOU, just let me know.
- How do I collect additional cash?
+ This gives you more chances to ch fish of rare, big one. Put any of them with max growth cash reward onto your fish tank.
- How do I win fight with big fish using basic equipments?
+ Use power gauge ! Rch line tension to the max, hold until power level incrsed. Relse the reel a little and press it to rch line tension goes to max again. Rept until power level filled up and use it to stun the fish.
- I'm still getting my line !
+ Just after you got strike (a fish hitting your bait), don't keep reeling to push your line tension up to the max.
- I want bigger chances for rare fish!
+ Then you loose opportunities of the daily tournaments, were often use less valuable fish as target.

Credits To:iAndroDK (mod apk)
Madman (his big help)
Download Link:
Ace fishing v1.1.5 (1 fish hit damage)

Playstore Link:Link
Map loion levels:
Waikiki : lvl 1
Hanauma : lvl 6
Lahaina : lvl 11
Lower : lvl 16
Big : lvl 21
Bch : lvl 26
Challenger : lvl 31
Philipine : lvl 37
Pacific : lvl 43
Delta : lvl 50
River : lvl 57
Negro : lvl 64
Naples : lvl 72
Menorca : lvl 80
Bejaia : lvl 88

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