Thursday, May 26, 2016

iOS Game Center and Passbook with Proxies

iOS Game Center and Passbook with ProxiesAttack ftures:GameCenter Score (iOS 6.x.x and below ONLY)GameCenter Hashes Passbook files
Requirements:A computer (Mac OS X or )Latest version of JavaBurp Suide (Proxy software)PortSwiggerCA.crt (to your iDevice) Rder (To open PDF file)
Downloads:Plse download these important things!
Java (to make Burp Proxy work)Burp ProxyPortSwiggerCA.crtInstruction PDF File
Instructions:First. Go to http://java.comdownload java, open it and follow the instructions. Don't forget to uncheck the shitty Toolbar thingy
Download Burp Proxy and start it.
To open and rd the PDF file. Go to http://.com download Rder and install it
Download PortSwiggerCA.crt file and Instruction PDF File
Now open the PDF file
The PortSwiggerCA.crtfile should be sent to your iCloud email and open the file on your iDevice. More info in PDF file.
Skip STEP 7 and STEP 8 becuase you alrdy have PortSwiggerCA.crtfile
Now keep rding the instruction!
Notes:Remember! GameCenter score does NOT work on iOS 7.x.x!
Capturing GameCenter Email Hashes at PAGE 23
Passbook at PAGE 35
Credits:Karl Fosaaen -
Twitter: @kfosaaen

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