Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Gangstar Vegas iOS v1.3.0 (Jailbrk)

Gangstar Vegas iOS v1.3.0 (Jailbrk)
This is for eduional purpose only! All rights goes to Gameloft!
Credits to: Anon & 天才神様
Requirements:iFile installed on the device (Cydia)iFunbox, aid, iTools or iExplorer
Infinite Ammo (No Reload)Infinite Grenades(Have at lst 1)Infinite SprintInfinite CashInfinite SP*Infinite *Infinite Respect(rn Some)Infinite HlthInfinite Hlth Packs**Infinite Armor Packs**Infinite Repair Kits**Infinite Parachutes**Never get Wanted
Ghost Town:(Don't attempt to stl cars. The game will freeze if you do so. Just buy a car from the store and use that.)
Rapid Fire:(Basically removes reload time. So you can constantly shoot while holding down the button. You should no longer have to reptedly tap the button for rocket launcher for example.)
Infinite Vehicle Hlth(Affects all vehicles)
One hit Kill(This is for melee attacks only. Beware enemies have the same ability. So use this with Infinite Hlth and you will be fine unless you want a challenge )
No Vehicle Impact Damage(Vehicles wont take damage when smashing into stuff. You can still blow em up with wpons.)
No enemy wpons(Enemies do not carry wpons of any kind. All they have is their fists.)
Vehicle Occupant (When a vehicle is "destroyed", it will not kill you. The vehicle will not explode either. When it becomes unusable it will kick you out and you will not be able to re enter it.)

* SP, and are linked in one switch.
** Hlth packs, Armor packs, Repair kits, and Parachutes are all linked in one switch as well.

1. Download the (If on mobile downloading skip to step 7/8)
2. Download a file transfer utility such as iTools
3. Open iTools
4. Go to the File System tab
5. Select the One that says “File System(Jailbrked)” directory structure
6. Place the .deb file you downloaded into any directory you like it does not matter. Personally I recommend var/mobile for quick access

7. On your iDevice go into iFile
8. In iFile go to wherever you placed the file(Or Downloaded it to if you downloaded on your iDevice)
9. Select the file and tap install
10. After it finishes installing, Respring your device.

How to Use:
This section is important if you want to see the actually work.

Now that the device has resprung (The device may dim if on iOS 6. Just lock and unlock screen to fix.) Go into the settings app.
Scroll down until you see Gangstar Vegas .
Open that up.
Turn on whatever you want.
Then go and start the game and the ftures will be turned on. To turn ftures on and off you have to close the game process when turning switches on or off.
Enjoy the

Credits to: Anon & 天才神様

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