Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Gameloft/Glu server stuff (Non-JB)

[] Gameloft/Glu server stuff (Non-JB)Server and hours of operation:
There is a computer only dedied to this , the
downside, it is an old PC. (® Pentium® Dual CPU T2390 @1.86GHz)

Connect to the server from your idevice:
1. Go to Setting ----> Wifi ----> hit the blue arrow (loed on the right side) in your network’s name.

2. Go down the page, hit Manual loed in HTTP Proxy ---->
Server ----> or or or

Port ----> 8888

3. Hit the wifi network loed up, left (to get out of there)

How to test if the server is working and/or if you wrote the setting the right way:
Open up safari from your idevice, type or if you can see the web site then the tunnel to connect to the server is done, otherwise if you get error 404 or any other error:

1.The server is rebooting itself try in 5 minutes
2. The server got hung up
2a) Send me a message thru the contact form (after waiting 5 minutes)
2b) Wait for the next time that the server has to be rebooted maximum 3 hours.

How does it work and what will I get?
Thru magic. You have to go to the store of the game and watch a (free) you will get 3 million of the game’s currency. Example: Blitz Brigade 3 Million Diamonds.

Working Titles:
Right now it is working for 14 games (8 Gameloft and 6 Glu)

Blitz Brigade V1.1.1Contract Killer 2 V3.02Deer Hunter 2014 V1.0.2Epic Battle for Moonhaven V1.2Eternity Warriors 2 V4.2.0Fantasy Town V1.8.1Frontline Commando: D-Day V2.0.1Gang Lords V1.0.0Heroes of Destiny V2.0.1Ice Age Village V2.1Iron Man 3 V1.3.1My Little Ponny V1.5NEW Smash Bandits v1.03.29 NEWTank Battles V1.0.0 The Oregon Trail: American Settler V2.2.0
After getting your goodies, what do I do?
For the love of GOD disconnect from the proxy (dalogan72's server).

Why should the user disconnect from the server?
If you do not disconnect dalogan72 will think that you do not mind sharing your s with me and dalogan72 can do whatever he want with them.

For your privacy disconnect from dalogan72's server.


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