Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Fun Run iOS v2.4 (Jailbrk)

[] Fun Run iOS v2.4 (Jailbrk) Credits: Zirak
iFunbox (iFunbox is sier to manage files)iFile (Cydia)
Jail devicesWinrar (To extract files)

1. God Mode2. No Counter Wait3. Disabled "Did not move" disconnection4. Unlimited Trap Power ups5. Unlimited Jumping6. Enhanced Player Top Speed (x2 original speed) and Acceleration (x4 original acceleration)7. No Powerup collisions (Will not get caught in traps, or hit bounce boxes)8. Incrsed Crate (powerup) collision box

1. Download the ZIP file


2. Extract 4 files to your desktop using Winrar

3.Connect your iDevice to your computer and Open iFunbox
4.Click on your iDevice name, click on Fun Run app, Click 'Manage files' and double click on ''

5.Backup the original files '' and 'FunRun' to your desktop first

6. Copy the file 'FunRun' to '' folder

7. Choose any you want from two files and rename them ''
Ex: If you want unlimited traps, rename 'resource - godmode,' to ''
I choosed 'resource - godmode,unlimmagnet,nocounterwait,' file

8. Copy the renamed file '' to ''

9. Change permission of both files to 777 (Rd, write, execute)

10.Go to the Game and Enjoy!
Credits: Zirak

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