Thursday, May 26, 2016

[][FLEX] Disable JB Bans and Ads on ALL Gamevil Games

[][FLEX] Disable JB Bans and Ads on ALL Gamevil GamesThis is for eduional purposes only!
Requirements:Flex/Flex 2
A jail iDevice
The ability to not get banned for being jail
No ads (therefore you can play your game without being distracted)
1. Open Flex/Flex 2

2. You will be at a menu labeled ''. Press the '+' on the top-right corner of the screen

3. At the 'Choose App' section, just find the Gamevil App you are trying to (e.g. Zenonia 5, Dark Avengers etc.)

4. Once you find the app, click on it, and it will take you to the Editor menu. In there, tap on the button that says 'Add Units'

5. It will take you to the 'Choose Library' menu, in there just click on the name of your game (loed below 'Executable'). If you haven't processed it, the notifiion will pop up. Just press Process.

6. After the processing has finished, just click on the name of the game again, and it will bring you to a menu with a srch bar and a title that says 'Choose Override'. In the Srch Bar, srch for:
GvCIHmodule (for disabling the JB ban)
NewsBannerNeoController (for disabling the Ads)

7. Click on whatever you srched for, and it will bring you to the 'Choose Method' screen. Find the method that says (void) alertView: (id) didDismissWithButtonIndex: (int) for the JB ban
(bool) initBanner for the Ads disabler

8. Tap on whatever you srched for and a tick should appr next to it. Now exit the Choose Override and Choose Library menus and go back to the Editor screen. The thing that you tapped on that appred with a tick should appr below Add Units.

9. Tap on the thing you srched for rlier, and it will bring you to the 'Edit Unit' screen. In there, you want to find the title 'Argument #2 (int)'. If it's not there, use the other titles 'Argument #1 (id) OR 'Return Value' (id) (not Return Value (void) that is different).

10. Tap on the button below the title and here is what you should do for ch of them:

For JB ban:
Use both the Argument #1 and #2 menus for this . In Argument #1, go to 'Override Value' and press the button below it. In will bring you to a different menu. In it press ''.

Now we want to go to Argument #2. Exit Argument #1 and go into Argument #2. In there is another 'Override Value'. Click on it and it will bring you to a menu where you have to type in a value (in this case a ). Set the to -1. And that's it!

For Disable Ads:
It will bring you to the 'Edit Override' screen. In there, select the button undernth the label 'Override Value'. It will bring you to a menu with the label 'Choose Value'. Press 'FALSE'. That's it!

IF you want to find the fix for Fishing Superstars, check Page 2 of this thrd and srch for it in the comments (I posted it)

If you are still unsure about how to use Flex/Flex 2, plse refer to some of the tutorials and/or here that use Flex.


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