Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Fish Farm 2 iOS (all versions) (Non-jailbrk/jailbrk)

Fish Farm 2 iOS (all versions) (Non-jailbrk/jailbrk)
Cydia SubstrateJail device

Ftures for Non-Jailbrk:Unlimited CoinsUnlimited CashAll add-ons enabled

Ftures for Jailbrk:In-App purchase
Instructions (Non-jailbrk):Backup your savedata first!
1.Download the file here!
Download here!
2.Extract the RAR file using Winrar3. Use a file browser of your choice (iFile, Aid, iFunBox...) and put all files onUser Appliions -> Fish Farm 2-> Documents4. Reboot your device5. Start the game and enjoy!

Cydia Twk Installation (jailbrk):Open CydiaAdd my Cydia Source
Install "Fish Farm 2 (In-app purchase )"Reboot your deviceGo to settings and enable the Start the game and enjoy!


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