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[] Eternity warriors 3 v1.1.1 (Jailbrk)

Eternity warriors 3 v1.1.1 (Jailbrk only!)

Note: This is a UNIVERSAL APP so this works for both iPhone and iPad.

Jailbrk only

Infinite (mana)Instant (Skill)Infinite Potions (use one, get 99) noInstant Potion reuse useInfinite Skill use

1. Download the File
2. Put it on your iDevice
3. Place the file in the folder var/mobile/appliions/ewarriors3/

4. Open iFile, Go to var/mobile/appliions/ewarriors3/ and Set permissions to 777. (rd, write, execute)
5. Have fun!

Credits: (GM-4)
Eternity warriors 3 v1.1.1 gems (Jailbrk only)
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Eternity warriors 3 v1.0.2 gems
* This works for Non-Jailbrk devices. *
I tried it today, it works. But you have to wait until s will appr.
You should put this file in CHARLES and watch FREE in the Game. If you don't have s, just wait for them. This will give you 999 GEMS. I tried with 99 999, but the server showed a mistake. Couldn't try with 9 999 Gems, because my day limit of s has finished. So you can try it yourself:-) I suppose GLU put limit of gems in the game, so be careful... 999 GEMS works perfect. so whether you can use this , or you can play with the s of rewarded gems. GOOD LUCK.

Gives 999 GEMS

Eternity warriors 3 v1.0.2 (russian)

Download link is in the bottom of the page, but plse RD this.
now I will tell you how to install and configure Charles. So, let's start.
1. Download charles from:
2. Setup this programm and and allow full access in firewall.
3. Launch it.

Now configure it:
1. Proxy-Proxy settings
2. In proxies put a check "Enable transpert HTTP proxying".

2. In Options don't change anything.
3. In SSL remove a check "Enable SSL Proxying".

4. In and Mozilla Firefox revove all check.

Now, we should connect our idevice with Charles:
1. Launch cmd and write this: ipconfig
2. We need IPv4 adress, in my situation it is
3. On our idevice go to
a). Settings.
b). WiFi.
c). From the network to which you are connected tap on blue arrow (iOS 5-6.1.3) or exclamation mark (iOS 7) on the right.
d). Scroll down to the end.
e). In HTTP proxy choose "Manual".
f). In server enter your IPv4, which we see in cmd and in port enter 8888.
g). Go back for apply configure.
How do i add the xml into charles ? the pictures on how to put it into Charles.
edit: got it... to add the xml u have to go to "Tools" -> "Rewrite" and "Import".
Then watch the (if avaiable) and boom gemsssss))

Put the file on your desktop so it's sy to find. If you are using Chrome all you should have to do after you download it just drag the file onto your desktop.

how change the country in your id to russia!
for those who don't have free s you can change the country in your id to russia! Go to settings in your idevice to appstore, press your id and press: info or watch info. There you can change your country. Street: erskaja 13, post index 117300. Than you can download this game. In the evening i will post id and for russian itunes!

1. Install Eternity warriors 3 ( russian )
2. Download the here: Download warriors3 rar files
3. Unzip the in your PC, and place.
- desktop:\ /warriors3
4. add the warriors3.xml into charles
5. Launch warriors3 and ENJOY!

Update: 999 gems works for some peoples. Plse try 999 gems first. If you get 'Data error' then try 99 gems.
*** IMPORTANT! REMEMBER: MAX 5000 GEMS! If you trying to get more gems than 5000. You will get 'Data error' ***
Downloads:Download warriors3 rar files 999 gems

Download warriors3 99 gems only.xml
Credits: (GM-4)

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