Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Deer Hunter 2014 iOS v1.2.2 (Jailbrk)

[] Deer Hunter 2014 iOS v1.2.2 (Jailbrk) * Jailbrk *
iFunbox/iTools/aidiFileWorks on JB Only

Unlimited Gold (Watch )Unlimited EnergyUnlimited Hollow PointUnlimited Sport DrinksUnlimited Infrared BatteryUnlimited Ammo

1. Download the (If on mobile downloading skip to step 7/8)2. Download a file transfer utility such as iTools3. Open iTools4. Go to the File System tab5. Select the One that says “File System(Jailbrked)” directory structure6. Place the .deb file you downloaded into any directory you like it does not matter. Personally I recommend var/mobile for quick access7. On your iDevice go into iFile8. In iFile go to wherever you placed the file (Or Downloaded it to if you downloaded on your iDevice)9. Select the file and tap install10. Wait for it to respring and voila its installed.
How to Use:This section is important if you want to see the actually work.
Now that the device has resprung (The device may dim if on iOS 6. Just lock and unlock screen to fix.) Go into the settings appScroll down until you see “Deer Hunter 2014 ”Open that up and you will see something like either of the s below. In the spoilers.Turn on whatever you want.Then go and start the game and the ftures will be turned on. To turn ftures on and off you have to close the game process when turning switches on or off.Enjoy the

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