Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Dd Trigger 2 v0.5.0 (Jailbrk needed)

Dd Trigger 2 v0.5.0 (Jailbrk needed) Requirements:
Jail Device
Ftures:1: Inf Ammo
2: Inf Items Hlth
3: Inf Items Granades
4: Inf Revives
5: Items Will Stay At 100

Download: -
sy Installation (Cydia):Open CydiaAdd my Cydia Source
Install "Dd Trigger v0.5.0"Reboot your deviceGo to device settings and enable the Start the game and enjoy!
Instructions:1. download the above
2. place the file on your device
3. open ifile navigate to the deb
4. press on it once and choose installer
5. when done go into settings and turn on
6. launch game & have fun

Credits: mib123

Brought to you by Magic iOS!

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