Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Contract Killer 2 v3.0.2 (NO JB |Charlesproxy)

[] Contract Killer 2 v3.0.2 (NO JB | Charlesproxy)You can try this on Another games but I'm not sire it will work on Another games…Requirements:
Charles Proxy

500000 Credits

Instructions: Tuorial Thanks to At Bst
Tutorial Part 1: Tutorial Part 2:

1. Download CharlesProxy on your OS. Download a Free Trial of Charles Charles Web Debugging Proxy

2. Install it.

3. Open Charlesproxy.

4. Click on the tab "Proxy", and it will show a of options.

5. Click on "Proxy Settings".

6. Click on the tab "SSL".

7. Enable SSL Proxying.

8. Click "Add".

9. In the "Host" section, put *

10. In the "Port" section, put 8888

11. Click OK.

12. On your iDevice, go to Safari and visit this website:

13. Install the profile.

14. In Settings, go to the WiFi section and click on the (i) button ,
on the right side of your internet router's name. A page should open with advanced settings.

15. Scroll down to the Proxy settings and tap "Manual".

16. In "server", input the IP ADDRESS OF THE COMPUTER that is running Charles.
It is not, that's the ROUTER. For example, my computer's IP Address is

17. After typing that in, go to Safari on your iDevice and visit
IF the site works, then your proxy is working.

18. Download the XML file from

19. Go back to Charlesproxy and click on the "Tools" tab, then click "Rewrite"

20. Click Enable Rewrite -> Select Import -> Select ContractKiller2.xml

21. Click Apply, then OK.

22. Erase ContractKiller2 from your phone's flash memory. Don't have it open either.

23. Reopen Contract Killer 2 while connected with the proxy.

24. Click on "+ADD", top right.

25. Click on the bottom right section, "FREE".

26. Watch a ! It should now say "watch this and get 500000 credits".

27. Play with the and instantly get bored of CK2, then delete the app like i did. [OPTIONAL]

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