Thursday, May 26, 2016

Clash Of Clans Gems now possible! (April fool)

It was a joke!
Hello guys
Today, i found out how to gems. I Supercell's computer by sending a email with a hidden malware in the link. a link of the screenshots that Clash of Clans cannot connect to the server. The supporter or developer clicked the link and the hidden malware installed into the computer.
When the dev log in into their own server. the logger malware collects the user and pass and it send it to my email
No jailbrk needed, No computer needed. Simply go to the server link.
Here are some simple steps
1. Go to
The browser tells you that the webpage does not exist or cannot connect to the server but the link has been requested to Supercell. Wait 2 min and refresh the webpage. this make s to think that they don't have access to the server.
2. Enter the admin account (link below)
3. Srch you username
4. Now click 'edit', modify your gems to 999,999,999
5. Click apply and logout from the server.
6. Enjoy
Link to admin account info
Wait 5 sec and skip ad


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