Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Bubble Witch Saga v3.1.5 for iOS (Jailbrk)

Bubble Witch Saga v3.1.5 for iOS (Jailbrk)Requirements:Jail DeviceiFunbox, iTools, aid or IExplorerA computerWinrar
Ftures:Unlimited Lives999999 Map gold reward999999 Gold reward at episode 36999999 Daily level win rewardget 1 live every 10 sec
Instructions:I'm not sure that this will work on non-jail device but you can try
1. Download the 2. Use a file browser of your choice (iFile, Aid, iFunBox...) and replace "twkdata.prop" on"/var/mobile/Appliions/Bubble Witch/Bubble" folder3. Enjoy!

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