Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Bt The Boss 1, 2, 3 iOS pack (No jailbrk)

Bt The Boss 1, 2, 3 iOS pack (No jailbrk)Requirements:iFunbox, iTools, aid or IExplorerA computerWinrar
Ftures:Boss 1100020 Hrts152971 Coins16919 Gems
Boss 2100072 Hrts12950 Coins96953 Gems
Boss 2 17+100066 Hrts350618 Coins112332 Gems
Boss 3249 Hrts10790770 Coins840425 Gems
Boss 3 17+248 Hrts10790820 Coins840425 Gems
Download (Full pack):
Instructions:1.Download the file from above2.Extract the RAR file using Winrar3. Use a file browser of your choice (iFile, Aid, iFunBox...) and put the savedata on the game folder. Plse look at the game loions.4. Reboot your device5. Start the game and enjoy!
Game Loions:Boss 1:User Appliions -> Boss -> Documents"/var/mobile/Appliions/Boss/Documents/"
Boss 2:User Appliions -> Boss 2 -> Documents"/var/mobile/Appliions/Boss 2/Documents/"
Boss 2 17+:User Appliions -> Boss 2+ -> Documents"/var/mobile/Appliions/Boss 2+/Documents/"
Boss 3:User Appliions -> Boss 3 -> Documents"/var/mobile/Appliions/Boss 3/Documents/"
Boss 3+:User Appliions -> Boss 3+ -> Documents"/var/mobile/Appliions/Boss 3+/Documents/"
Credits to: iAndro

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