Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] Blitz Brigade v1.3.0 gems/diamonds (No jailbrk needed)

Blitz Brigade v1.3.0 gems/diamonds (No jailbrk needed)
Hi all,finally iSpongebob10found a new way to the diamonds on Blitz Brigade, so enjoy!

Requirments:An iDeviceA PC with Charles installed"Blitz Brigade"A brain and knowledge on how to use Charles
Ftures:Everytime you login,you gain 10000 gems.
How to setup Charles for iDevice:
Download this file by DiDA -> <-
1:Start upCharles proxy.Inside it,Tools -> Rewrite(Hot: Control + Shift + W).

2:Go to"Tools"and click"Rewrite…"

3:Enable"Rewrite"andImporttheblitzbrigade.xmlfileyou've just downloaded…

If you want to find it sly. PutXML fileonMy Documents folder

Ignore blitzbrigade.xml. Blitz Brigade is not working. There are also another XML file for another games.

4:You should get something as shown in the picture below. Once you're done with that, just hit the"OK" button.

5:SrchCMD.exeon start menu

Run -> CMD.exe

6:Type in"Ipconfig"insideCMD.exe(Without the "s)

7:Look out for yourIPv4 Address.That's theIPyou're looking for

8:Now we shall move on to youriDevice. Switch on your Wifi and hit on theI iconbeside it.

9:Select'Manual'. in yourIP Address (IPv4)and Fill in the port as8888

10:Start up any Apps or games,Charles proxywill indie if you wanna allow access to device or not, Hit'Allow'.

How to :Disable all iap purchase,like iapfree,iap,locaiapstore and etc.Open "Blitz Brigade"Then go to "Gems" and tap "Free Gems"

Wait that is ended

Once ended, in Charles you can see this folder "" or "", it apprs only after you've watched the . Do not close the before checking CharlesRight click on the folderClick on "Rept Advance"

Modify the first with "10000" and the second with "20" (The first is the ammount,and the second is the concurrency,namely,everytime for 20 times that you login,you gain "10000")
Screen of Charles by Rashole:

Now,close the game and reopen it,as you can see you have 10000 gems or more.

iAndro (Screenshots, explain more steps.)
iSpongebob10 (the tutorials)
Thanks to @DiDA for help about to how setup the iDevice to Charlesand the .xml file. No no no, credits to iApp for help about to how setup the iDevice to Charles and credits to iAndro for screenshots.
A special thanks to @Rashole for his help to found the name of the folder and the screen of Charles.

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