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[] Asphalt 8: Airborne iOS v1.4.0 (Jailbrk)

Asphalt 8: Airborne iOS v1.4.0 (Jailbrk)

Compatible Version: 1.4.0 ONLY
Compatible Hardware: ARMv7 - ARMv7s - ARM64 based Devices

Asphalt 8 :
1. Inf. Nitro
2. Inf. Currency
3. No Crash
4. No Speed Limit
5. Gate Drift Points h@ck
6. Anti-Ban / UnBan

*UnBan required decrypted binary (i.e game.)DOWNLOAD VERSION FROM HERENo rules since it's free game.
Asphalt 8 Description:
1. Inf. Nitro: Nitro won't decrse
2. Inf. Currency: Just spend some currency and you'll get infinite amount
3. No Crash: Make whatever you want and your can will never crash!
4. No Speed Limit: The limit of maximum speed for ch car has been removed, that mn you can rch incredible speed like 1000 km/h
5. Gate Drift Points h@ck: Pass one gate and get 668m (iOS7) or 803m (<=iOS6)
6. Anti-Ban / UnBan: Now this can prevent you from banning if you're not banned yet, and can even unban you if you were banned, but note that this will not work if you were banned from Multiplayer

Download:1.4.0 (Twk version 2.1) [Current]http://www.solidfile...da97850/A8U.deb
1.4.0 (Twk version 2.0)http://www.solidfile...88721ca/A8U.deb
sy Installation:Open CydiaAdd my Cydia Source
Install "Asphalt 8 v.1.4.0 "Reboot your deviceGo to settings and enable the Start the game and enjoy!
IMPORTANT: Uninstall the old deb via cydia. srch for "Asphalt 8 Airborne" and uninstall it then download the new one and install it. Many changes have been made to this

1. Download the debian package (that .deb file)
2. Plug your device into your PC/Mac
3. Copy the file to somewhere on your device
4. Use iFile, go to the .deb file select it and press "Installer"
5. Close if you opened it then reopen it and scroll down to see "Asphalt 8 Airborne"
6. Click it then turn on/off whatever you want
7. Nothing else just go to the damn game and enjoy it!

1. Crashed the game:
Possible Causes & Solutions:

-You Have Many Twks: Gameloft Games conflict with many twks, just stop installing everything. TO FIX THIS: Uninstall/Disable some twks or even all but this mods and test it. This is a well known bug on all gameloft games, especially Free to Play games

-You Have Modded (Edited) Binary: I can't guarantee this mods to work or conflict if you edited your binary or got a edited copy from somewhere. TO FIX THIS: Re-install the game

-You Have Wrong Version: You have a wrong version installed, this will only work at 1.3.0 and nothing else. TO FIX THIS: Simply download and install the proper version

Also, a little note, try to run the game multiple times before using this mods just to check if the problem from your side.

2. No crash but nothing works:
Possible Causes & Solutions:

-You're on SafeMode: SafeMode mn the mode when your device enter after SpringBoard has been crashed, on this mode all of your MobileSubstrate (CydiaSubstrate) twks will be disabled, and since this mods rely on Cydia Substrate, it'll be disabled as well. TO FIX THIS: Respring or Reboot.

-You Didn't Enable it From Setting: From your stock Setting icon, you didn't enable this mods. TO FIX THIS: Go to Setting and scroll down till you find the new entry about Asphalt 8 Airborne, press it and select what you want.

-You Didn't Kill The Game From Multitask: Before enabling those.. you need to kill the app from multitask. TO FIX THIS: Double press the home button and kill Asphalt 8 from here, then enable what you want. after that go to the game

3. No Setting entry:
Possible Causes & Solutions:

-You're on SafeMode: SafeMode mn the mode when your device enter after SpringBoard has been crashed, on this mode all of your MobileSubstrate (CydiaSubstrate) twks will be disabled including PreferenceLoader, and since this mods rely on Cydia Substrate and PreferenceLoader as well, both will be disabled as well. TO FIX THIS: Respring or Reboot.

-You Don't Have PreferenceLoader: a Twk allow you to add new setting entries in short. you missed this one. TO FIX THIS: Go to Cydia switch to Developer then srch for "PreferenceLoader" and install it. NOTEPreferenceLoader should automatically installed upon instillation this twk, but just in case check for it. ALSO NOTE same thing may happened to Cydia Substrate. if it didn't install, simply follow the steps but srch and install for "Cydia Substrate"

HOW TO UNBAN:1. Uninstall the game (Your progress will be lost)2. Install the one3. Install the (Don't open the game before that)4. Now open the game and NEVER uninstall this .--Ant-Ban / Unban has NO Toggle at it's always enabled--
HOW TO GEt UNLIMITED CURRENCY USING THIS :Although, there is no unlimited currency or such here, but here is a trick for that one! and it's safe!
1. Enable "All Cars Unlocked"2. Go to Collection in the game3. Click ch collection to get your reward (the game will think that you rlly have cars)4. Close the game and kill it from multitask5. Disable "All Cars Unlocked"6. Open the game, and go to Collection. yes you will found them alrdy achieved 7. If you click on one, It will revert back as if it wasn't achieved!8. Close the game and kill it from multitask9. Enable "All Cars Unlocked"10. Go to Collection in the game and click them to get your reward, again!
You can do it many times! and also you can get more than currency thing!Credit for @Peter123 for founding this!
Athe0iThe Asphalt 8 crator
คlςคtгคz:For the support for 1.2.0 and his Everything Cost 0 which now updated for 1.3.0

King Kong:For his Inf. Currency , now updated to 1.3.0

For his original found of Anti ban , although the ban system on 1.3.0 is hvily modified

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