Thursday, May 26, 2016

[APP] Remove ASLR v1.0.1

[APP] Remove ASLR v1.0.1


Jail Device
AppList from Cydia (latest)

What is ASLR?:
ASLR Stands for Address Space Layout Randomization. It is a security fture to make things harder to . It basically loads the into random non-sequential segments of memory and then remembers where it loaded things to allow sequential execution.
When a developer builds a Program using X or something, he can set the MH_PIE flag. I am not surer, but I guess MH stands for mach hder and PIE stands for Position Independent Executable.

What does it do?
It removes ASLR from Appliions

What to do?
1. Open the App
2. Click on a game you want to remove ASLR for
3. Done

What is new?
Added a choice to remove ASLR or cancel


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