Thursday, May 26, 2016

A copy of iAndro website found!

Dr guests, I just found a fake website named that is not hosted by me. just copy everything from this site, logo, widgets, all posts etc. Stay away from Thank you.
EDIT: i contacted the site owner and he said that he share from a varety of sources including this blog. he also crte a twitter named @iandros and a Cydia Repo iandrovn. i don't know why... but i recommended to stay here and not to move to fake iandros. This is only the rl iAndro site
List of fake iAndros:iandro.comCydia myrepospace: iandrovnFacebook: iAndrosTwitter: iAndrosBlog: iandro-new-yorker (deleted)
iandros blogspot
and more to come

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