Thursday, May 26, 2016

[] 8 Ball Pool v2.4.1 MEGA + Protect your privacy + No ban (FLEX 2) (Jailbrk)

8 Ball Pool v2.4.1 MEGA + Protect your privacy + No ban (FLEX 2) (Jailbrk)MEGA ftures:1. Removed Jailbrk Check2. 9999999 Free coins3. Achievements 4. Your privacy is fully protected from ads and app tracking5. All cues unlocked (Not working, error popup)6. Always win7. Show hidden guidelines
Extended list:1. Disable Jailbrk Check2. 9999999 Free coins3. No network error4. Reset Aim (TRUE)5. Is on all in game (TRUE)6. Allow trigger more than once on update (TRUE)7. Can activate (TRUE)8. Limit tracking = Cannot track more identity when it is limited = Protect your privacy9. Set constant angle speed enabled10. Is valid return (TRUE)11. Is valid (TRUE)12. Disable advertising tracking = Protect your privacy13. Disable app tracking = Protect your privacy14. Your identity cannot be uploaded to the server = Protect your privacy15. Set Opt-out (TRUE) = Protect your privacy16. Cannot your device UDID = Protect your privacy and NO ban17. Price (1) (May not work)18. Has enough coins (TRUE) (May not work)19. Has enough cash (TRUE) (May not work)20. Game mode prize (50000) (May not work)21. Get num owned cues (16)22. Is cue owned (TRUE)23. Draw input in direction of ball (TRUE)24. Power mode25. Ghost mode26. Control mode (5)27. Take shot allowed28. Move cue ball allowed (Don't move it, the game will glitching)29. Start aim at input point enabled30. Games won total (999999) (Achievements )31. Win strk total (999999) (Achievements )32. Total time played (999999) (Achievements )33. Last match won (TRUE)34. Is authentied (TRUE)35. Total legal balls potted (999999) (Achievements )36. The hand is showing on the ball37. Input start (TRUE)38. Is showing ball guide39. Guidelines in offline mode40. Guidelines cannot be hidden and always showing41. The gameplay always valid and server check always valid (May not work)42. Back button enabled43. MAC address disabled = Cannot get your Mac address = NO ban44. Is pointing to ball (TRUE)45. Is pointing to legal ball (TRUE)46. Show rate popup disabled / Cannot show popup47. Show secondary guides48. The ball is pocketed49. Tournaments won total (999999) (Achievements )50. App checker is disabled51. Only used max power (TRUE)52. Always perfect game53. Win by potting everything54. Turn changed during game (TRUE)55. Consider table bounds (TRUE)56. Can ball rch point (TRUE)57. Can ball hit ball (TRUE)58. Tutorial Completed (TRUE)59. Only used low power (TRUE)60. 9999999 XP ( v2.0)61. 9999999 Cash ( v2.0)62. 9999999 Premium spins ( v2.0)63. 9999999 Free spins ( v2.0)64. 9999999 Scratchers ( v2.0)
Not all works but most privacy works
Requirements:JailbrkCydiaMobileSubstrateFLEX (< iOS 6.x.x)FLEX 2 (iOS 7.x.x >)
Download FLEX / FLEX 2 from Cydia!
How to install (FLEX 2):Open FLEX or FLEX 2Tap on the 'CLOUD' iconSelect 'Uploads on Server 'Scroll down till you see '8 Ball Pool v2.4.1 MEGA By iAndro v2.0'Click on the Cloud with arrow down icon to download the
Go back to menu and activate '8 Ball Pool v2.4.1 MEGA By iAndro v2.0'Open the game and enjoy!
Credits:iAndro (FLEX 2 twk)

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